Site Updates Soon!

Hey guys!

Im planning some pritty big updates for my site in the next few days!

1. New style. (New Header, Banners, ect.) DONE!

2. Card-Jitsu: Water Guide! 😀

3. Maybe going to update Funny CP Pics and Cheats and Glitches pages!



Oh. My. Gosh.

Hey Guys!

Check this out!!!

If you can’t read that… It says “Relaunching Spring 2011” is Relaunching Spring 2011.



……………… Oh and Card-Jitsu: Water is out btw…… go check it out.


New Stuff! … And Stuff!

Hey guys!

As you can see… is all Christmasy!

– All the new graphics were actually made by yours truly 🙂 These are the first graphics I’ve ever made, I don’t think there that bad! Lets me know what you think!

– I just figured out that you can now change the background color, so its green now to fit with the Christmas theme!

– I’ve also made it so snow is falling 😀


Water Sensei!

Hey guys!

I just walked into the Water Dojo and guess who I found?!



Card-Jitsu: Water Scavenger Hunt Cheats

Hey Guys!

Here are the cheats for the Scavenger Hunt around the island!

1. The 1st item is at the Stadium, go to the Food Stand and click on the cup.

2. The 2nd item is in the Coffee Shop, on the table is a cup of coffee, click it.

3. The 3rd item is in the Pet Shop, click the goldfish in the bowl.

4. The 4th item is in the Cove, there is a Water Bottle in the Surfing Hut, click it.

5. The 5th item is in the Book Room, on the very end of the room there is another cup of coffee, thats the next item, so click it.

6. The 6th item is in the Dance Lounge, on the table closest to the stairs, theres a cup of water on it, thats the next item, so if you want it you should probably click it.

7. The 7th item is on the Beach, Click the Bucket and Spade.

8. The last item is at the Dojo Courtyard, click the Golden Fish closest to the Ninja Hideout.

After you collect everything, click “Claim Prize” and you will get a background!

Remember, Card-Jitsu: Water is released November 24th!


Card-Jitsu: Water CP Update

Hey Guys!

Wow, lots of CJ: Water updates today! If you log onto Cp now, you can see that the rain has stopped, and there are pipes everywhere! These are all the rooms with the pipes if you want to check them out!

Theres also a free item in the Snow Forts, the “Bucket Hat”.

The “Card-Jitsu: Fire” video is now the “Card-Jitsi: Water” Video!

There is a hole in the floor in the Secret Hideout, it is probably where the doorway is going to be. If you go down the hole…

You can see the construction of the Water Dojo!

Also if you go down to the underground, everything is flooded!

Pretty cool huh? Remember, Card-Jitsu: Water comes out November 25th!


Quick Hint: If you go near any of the Fires around the island while wearing your fire suit, the fires will get stronger!

Card-Jitsu: Water Confirmed

Hey Guys!

Check out this video on Card-Jitsu: Water! (the video link doesn’t work for me 😦 so if you click the link below you can see the video!)

-Released November 25th (In America the 24th)


-You don’t have to be a Fire Ninja to train to be a Water Ninja.